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"Famiily Office Alternative Investment | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"SmartAsset Partners™ Alternative Investment Group is responsible for advising family business offices and institutional clients on real estate funds and private equity solutions. We offer a range of investment choices in real estate funds and alternative investment funds in India

We take a consultative, partnership-driven approach to ensure that you have access to capitalize upon what we believe to be best-in-class real estate investment opportunities across multiple commercial / residential real estate fund offers across India, diversified fund opportunities and hard assets delivered by carefully selected sector experts

SmartAsset Partners leads the contemporary investor towards identifying and capitalizing on the most astute, leveraged buy-to-let investment options

Our qualified and insightful team is equipped to offer investors a comprehensive range of portfolio services that range from identifying promising real estate options, securing finance, assisting with asset management and executing exit options for anyone – from a first-time real estate buyer to a seasoned investor

Through strategic tie-ups between reputed real estate developers, mortgage lenders and our offices, we provide a seamless investment process that clients can observe and control at the click of a button. Moreover, our team of expert advisors works closely with each client to ensure that no query or concern ever goes unaddressed

"Family Office Property Management | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"SmartAsset Partners is acclaimed as on of the most Preferred Real Estate Investment Advisory Partner to Institutional Investors, Alternative Asset Firms and Offshore Real Estate Funds focused into investing in India

By identifying and partnering with local real estate fund managers in target regions, we can often uncover compelling opportunities to invest with small and mid size private equity real estate managers

We have a highly client-focused approach to work. We always design a wealth creation process in sync with an individual’s financial goals so that we are eventually able to help them craft the financial empire they have always dreamt of

"Family Office Real Estate Funds | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Investment Management

SmartAsset Partners Investment Management Services is focused on the unique requirements pertaining to real estate and mandate of our family business clients

Our professional team evaluates your needs based on the the risk return matrix chalking out a robust plan with a strict asset allocation principle across various real estate funds

As a customer driven organization our primary focus is to offer a comprehensive range of exceptional quality services to our customer. Something that makes their property investment experience seamless, not once, but over and over again. The SmartAsset Partners team focuses on acquiring assets whose fundamentals are under-priced, and by implementing a business plan to capture that value for investors. The Model we push focuses upon 2 primary drivers of growth – capital appreciation and rental income

Capital appreciation with calculative risks should be priority for every family office, and we assist our family achieve the same by offering solutions across multi-asset classes

Consistently maintaining a close track of the current market trends, we are able to unearth genuine investment opportunities for them

With our extensive network with leading real estate fund managers, we ensure that there is robust deal flow of the most lucrative opportunities in the market

"Family Office Real Estate Investment Trust | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Real Estate Advisory

SmartAsset Partners brings our team’s years of experience and expertise to assist family in making the best real estate investment decisions

The complexities of a family office require unbiased expertise to ensure that it achieves their set of objectives

Backed by industry knowledge and deep insights, we provide the most accurate, reliable and comprehensive property solutions based on your requirements

From property search to execution of transaction and legal matters, SmartAsset Partners has the capability to create a sound portfolio

"Family Office Realty Funds | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Our proactive approach ensures that we keep pace with the changing market dynamics while providing world-class real estate investment advisory services

Our advisory support ranges from real estate funds to hard assets supported by live investments pursued by the group. We undertake this role keeping in mind our family business clients needs and their mandate. Our portfolio profile categorizes investors based on financial objectives they want to achieve

"Family Office Real Estate | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Private Equity Opportunities

SmartAsset Partners offers a customized approach to investing in private equity opportunities for the family’s needs

We assist by helping them build a strong, well structured investment foundation in private equities

Over the years, we have established close networks with small and mid size private equity real estate managers and built deep analysis in market trends and opportunities

Our unique business model brings value addition to all your private equity investments into real estate funds

"Family Office| Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Our Strength

  • Collective team experience of more than 14 years
  • Substantial research and network capabilities for identifying investment opportunities
  • Complete confidentiality and transparency in our work

SmartAsset Partners believes in assisting families and institutional clients with integrated long-term wealth creation. We are dedicated to provide cost-effective solutions with high levels of expertise offered by our pool of industry professionals

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