Relocation Process


The corporate relocation process is comprised of several moving pieces. SmartAsset Partners expertise and comprehensive approach prepare and guide you through every step smoothly

"Corporate Relocation Policy Counseling | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Policy/Benefit Counseling

SmartAsset Partners ensures that relocating employees fully understand their corporate benefits, and that essential relocation dollars are allocated in the intended manner

Cost Estimates

Our projections give clients a clear, reliable foundation for overall cost containment and budgeting

Country-specific Home Sale Programs

In accordance with local law, SmartAsset Partners expertly administers appropriate Home Sale Programs to facilitate a relocating employee’s transition from home country to host country

"Corporate Relocation Visa Immigration Support | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Visa and Immigration Support

Utilizing the expertise of established immigration attorneys, we guide assignees through the process of obtaining visa and work papers for almost any country in the world. For International citizens, we can also assist in expediting the passport process

Rental Assistance/Lease Cancellation Support

Renting employees benefit from the same high-level customer service as their homeowner colleagues. With SmartAsset Partners Rental Assistance Program, our experienced staff expedites departure lease restrictions and provides assistance in locating a property in the destination location

"Corporate Relocation Candidate Assessment | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Candidate Assessment and Selection

Through SmartAsset Partners Assess, an innovative pre-decision tool, SmartAsset Partners assists recruiters and hiring managers in determining a candidate’s “relocation readiness.” Our support while interviewing candidates increases the likelihood of a successful hire and a more cost-effective, straightforward move

Inventory Management

SmartAsset Partners Marketing Assistance Program greatly reduces the likelihood of a home entering inventory, but – should it happen – our expert property management leads to a quick disposition

"Corporate Relocation Property Management | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Property Management

Coordinated through SmartAsset Partners Client Service Manager, home management services supplied by a local partner relieve your assignee of the day-to-day details associated with being an absentee landlord


Our multi-faceted services are designed to help assignees acclimate to a new host location and thrive immediately. From familiarity before the move to settling-in assistance, we’re there for the entire journey

"Corporate Relocation Home Assistance | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Home finding Assistance

SmartAsset Partners in-depth counseling on housing needs and lifestyle requirements guides a relocating employee to an informed buying decision. Our Destination Services help find the perfect home and ease the process of settling-in

Area Orientations and Tours

Coordinated by SmartAsset Partners Client Service Manager, a multi-day trip helps assignees quickly feel at home in to their host location

Final Move Coordination

SmartAsset Partners manages final move activities carefully, adhering to the most effective use of client relocation budgets while also ensuring employees and assignees are immediately productive in their new roles

"Corporate Relocation Cross Cultural Training | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Cross-Cultural Training

Building the intercultural skills to meet the challenges of an international assignment is crucial. Our Cross-Cultural Training Program accelerates the learning curve and delivers the tools needed to succeed professionally and socially

Language Training

Geared to a practical and functional application of language skills, our partners employ a language training curriculum that focuses on proficiency following international standards

Spousal Career Assistance

Our targeted job search assistance affords a relocating spouse/partner proactive consultative support, interactive personalized web sites and useful supplemental materials, including resumes, plan books and resource directories

"Corporate Relocation Lease Rental Assistance | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Leasing Assistance/Rental Assistance

Recognizing the changing demographics of relocation populations, SmartAsset Partners offers a comprehensive Rental Assistance Program that supplies transferring renters with the same high-level service as traditional homeowners

Pre-Assignment Trip

Our management of the Pre-Assignment Trip portion of the relocation ensures that client global mobility dollars are used efficiently and within established policy parameters

Settling-in Assistance

SmartAsset Partners targeted approach helps assignees find housing and lifestyle options that suit their needs, allowing them to be more productive in their host country as soon as possible

"Corporate Relocation Mortgage Assistance | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Mortgage Assistance

Offered in cooperation with our best-in-class partners, excellent mortgage programs navigate relocating employees though the process of choosing a loan type and preparing for the application

Temporary Housing Coordination

SmartAsset Partners provides a full range of short- and long-term housing solutions through its preferred suppliers, who offer comfortable accommodations in a wide range of markets at competitive prices

Repatriation Assistance

Through thoughtful support services, SmartAsset Partners achieves successful repatriation for assignees returning to their home country. A needs assessment conducted 3-6 months prior to repatriation assures the assignee understands the dynamics of the process and develops strategies for the smoothest possible return

Administrative/Program Support

Understanding essential policies and procedures that contain costs and satisfy the needs of relocating employees is crucial for a successful move. SmartAsset Partners accurate, efficient reporting and tracking ensures results

"Corporate Relocation Policy Analysis | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Policy Analysis, Consulting and Development

The foundation of an effective relocation program is a policy that is clearly written, incorporates benefits that support core business objectives and effectively balances the goals of containing costs and fulfilling transferee needs. SmartAsset Partners works with clients to support the mobility of key personnel and provides a competitive edge in the recruitment of employees

Relocation Accounting and Tax Services

SmartAsset Partners expense tracking and tax gross-up services efficiently administer relocation expense and reimbursement programs, ensuring relocation dollars are well-managed and wisely spent. We help minimize disruptions caused by the complexities of employee relocations, with an aim to maintain the normal functionality of our clients’ accounting and payroll staffs

"Corporate Relocation Group Move Management | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"Group Move Management

SmartAsset Partners provides comprehensive Group Move Management to support your growth or changing needs. To facilitate your group move, SmartAsset Partners consults in writing a group move policy, assists with overall project planning, and conducts area tours

Management Reporting

Our robust reporting system ensures global client data is tracked and documented in a secure environment. The system’s flexibility allows for client-directed customization

Global Technology Platform

SmartAsset Partners secure portals bring useful, pertinent information to the fingertips of our clients and their relocating employees

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