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"Group Bookings Real Estate | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"SmartAsset Partners™ Empowers your Bookings into Real Estate Projects via Group Bookings Route enabling our esteemed private institutional clients to save money by buying real estate in a group at a discount. It creates a win-win situation as buyers are happy to purchase homes at a discount and the builders are happy to sell in bulk and liquidate their inventory

"Group Bookings Flats | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"SmartAsset Partners Group Bookings Team has already changed the way people buy real estate in India with its unique real estate group buying model

We aggregate demand from the individual customers inclined towards a specific project so that you can make participate and benefit from bulk buying options

SmartAsset Partners harnesses the power of group – buying and capture upon the opportunity to negotiate upon pricing factor with developers for substantial discounts for each home buyer

"Group Bookings Real Estate Services | Mumbai | SmartAsset Partners"How it Works –

  • Register to participate and express your interest in projects of your choice OR provide us with your specifications and location preference so that we can address your needs in new / upcoming projects
  • Join Hands with Other Buyers and become a part of an influential buyer cluster, coming together with other buyers with similar needs
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers will be assigned to communicate and assist you directly
  • Buy your Home With Substantial Price Discounts / Extra Frills being negotiated by SmartAsset Partners Advisors with the developers across India
  • Loan Facility would be handled end to end by our team experts through our wide network of financial institutions thereon providing you the best competitive rates you could avail from the market
  • SmartAsset Partners Platform is your one stop solution provider towards Empowering, buying your Dream Home at Cost Effective Pricing and Capitalizing upon Minimizing your Loan Cost

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